Benchmarked: What the Best of the Best do to Keep Customer Coming

Daniel C. Felsted


This month let’s look at a strategy that you use on a regular basis. This is strategy 11 found in my upcoming book Benchmarked: What the Best Of the Best Do to Keep Customer Coming.

Strategy 11: Make a Special Occasion Section

Though Christmas is the first thing that comes to mind when I say this, my point is to capitalize on the concept, not the date. Foster the following model year round. Create a “Great Birthday Ideas” section, A “Hurray, Spring is Here!” section, a “Wonderful Winter” products section, a “Summer Must Haves” section, and “It’s April” to name a few.

This way, you can create countless focal points for feature products without having a sale. Many times, a shop will create a section to feature a new product. Extend this idea to any occasion you can think of to drive traffic and increase sales. (insert the next two holidays here) are almost here, give it a try.

Create an area in your shop where you can display products that fit your theme. Add photos and eye-catching banners/posters to call attention to this area. Consider making space near the front entrance or close to the check out for optimal customer traffic.

Examples of Make a Special Occasion Section is a great example of how you can bring attention to products for different customers (see below). They have an assortment of gift options like Gifts for Her, Gifts for Him, Gifts for Teens, Gifts under $25, Gifts under $100, Gifts over $100, and Gift Certificates.


Starbucks gets into each holiday with gift cards. Playing on the loyalty of its customers.StarbucksVdayCard
Valentine’s Day Starbucks Card
“Charm them with a pictorial box of chocolates – and let them select whatever tickles their fancy with a loaded Starbucks Card. Our latest is a sweet way to someone’s heart. For those interested in collecting, it is a limited edition.”
Penguins’ Games Starbucks Card
“Share our playful, wintry blue Starbucks Card with Starbucks (and penguin) lovers this holiday season. It’s a popular gift since recipients select what they really want, online or in stores – and, it’s easy shopping for you. You might want to give it to yourself (especially if you collect our Cards). Limited edition design.”

Notice how Starbucks capitalizes on the winter season, the copy talks about the holiday season as another reason to give the card. They top it off with the fact that this limited edition design is a collectible. This works perfectly for their brand loyal customers.

Look for ways that you can call attention to your product no matter what the season. For more ideas on how to engage your customer look for Benchmarked: What the Best Of the Best Do to Keep Customer Coming.

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