Testimonials Rule—Get Them and Use Them

Daniel C. Felsted



Recently I was going through my files and found two great articles on testimonials. They reminded me of the power a testimonial has on the consumer and how important they are to your marketing plan. A strong testimonial is more powerful than any other form of advertising you can do.

Some tips on using testimonials from these articles are:
• The longer the testimonial the more impact it will have on your consumer.
• The more detail the testimonial has the stronger it’s appeal to your customer.
• Where possible use full name, titles, county, and state of the person offering the testimonial.
• Consider grouping a number of testimonials together for added strength.
• Get permission to use each testimonial.

The 9 Testimonial Credibility Factors
The 9 Testimonial Credibility Factors I’ve Documented

It is so important to keep in contact with your current and/or best customers and by soliciting their feedback through testimonial requests you will be kept abreast of how they feel about your company it’s products and services.

Also, it lets your customers know that you care about them and that you want to do everything possible to satisfy their needs. When you show your commitment to your customers you are well on the path to “WOWing” your customers and when you are “WOWing” them you can bank on positive word of mouth advertising and loyalty.

Loyal customer spend more and for a longer period of time and who wouldn’t want that? Again what is important here is to know how your customers feel. When you are satisfying your customers you will not have to have a “sale” to bring in customers. They will come because of the little things you do on a daily basis that make them happy customers.

Best Testimonial - 1 Name-Profession-Town-Date-Picture

An example of the creditability factors that boost the creditability of a testimonial ie: Name, Profession, Town, Date, Picture of the patient, 5-stars graphic from the review site, logo from testimonial site, the total number of testimonials received.

In fact, when you are “WOWing” your customers the only time you need to have a sale is when you want to thank your customers for being so loyal.

Asking for and keeping customer testimonials is a great way to know how well you are satisfying your customers. Having these resources at hand is almost as good as having money in the bank. I’ve suggested that most keep a knowledge bank of their top testimonials and update every quarter at least.

If you would like a copy of the articles on using testimonial and sample letters of how to solicit testimonials download here. Testimonial Solicitation Letter. Tip on Using Testimonials. Testimonial Credibility Factors document.


The value of a testimonial increases exponentially when you add credibility elements to your postcard, website and all marketing materials.

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