Use Great Descriptive Words and You’ll Sell More

Daniel C. Felsted


It is sometimes difficult to get our customers excited about the products we offer. The following strategy is quite easy to implement and you can easily test it with your customer to see it’s effectiveness.

This strategy is the seventh strategy from my upcoming book Benchmarked: What the Best Of the Best Do to Keep Customer Coming.

Descriptive words can help set the mood of your offers and can attract the right type of customers too. Best of all, you can use descriptive words to engage your customers which increases the likelihood that they will purchase from you.

To draw customers to a particular product or product line create posters, table-cards, easel back displays, POP displays or hangtags that will create interest in the products you are highlighted.

Pick one main focal point or feature. For discussion’s sake, I’ll choose “Waterproof Jackets.” Describe how this will make the customer’s life better—the benefit. Back it up with some examples or a graphic and add a few testimonials from your customers who have purchased the product or brand.

The following example is a retail table-top poster that was placed by waterproof jacket being sold.

Pop Quiz: Is It Worth an 
Extra $40 To Get Waterproof Jacket Instead of a Stripped-Down Bargain Jacket? YES—yes it is!

• You can use your waterproof jacket in any season. Your waterproof jacket is perfect for layering.
• Your waterproof jacket will replace all the stripped-down bargain jackets you have.

Call to Action:
Try one on. We have the hose ready if you want to test it. Ask your sales expert for a full demo on our waterproof jackets. (see graphic below)

DiscriptiveWordsGraphicThere is a fine line between overkill and finesse, but when done well it sets the stage for information and confidence. Consider using words like Original, Quality, Distinctive, New, Rugged, “Still the Best,” “Might as well have the best!” The ultimate… for rough and tough products. Words like Soft, Plush, and Comfortable work well for items such as towels or carpet.

Examples of Great Descriptive Words in Use

“… our materials are the very best obtainable, for we know that the best is none too good and that quality is of vital importance.”
—C.C.Filson, 1914, Filson Catalog


This icon is placed on all best selling items that make great gifts on the website.

Nordstrom’s use of copy is an art. Following are lines from a recent catalog talking about shoes.

“It’s only fitting—finding the shoe you want in the size you need.”

“Sure black goes with everything, but fuchsia is so fun!”

“Going someplace? Have fun getting there,” in our shoes is
the connotation.

“A little extra cushion? Whatever makes you comfortable.”

Look for additional ways that you can call attention to your products at every season. 

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