Posted in October 2013

Aquamira’s Frontier Pro Review

I got to spend the day with one of our clients this week. Aquamira. They showed me their various filters and how they work and why they use the types of filters they do. I had many questions, which they gladly answered. One of the things that stood out to me was the 50 gallon … Continue reading

100% Beef-ish!

Have you ever been bothered by the to-good-to-be-true claims of advertisers? We have all questioned the truthfulness of such claims like, “Milk does a body good.” But how many of us do more that question the advertisers when its so easy to stop at a fast food shop and get something that appears to taste … Continue reading

Review Day Scheduling

Review Day Scheduling

We are planning a review day! Social media, paid and natural search are becoming all consuming aspects in our marketing plans. After talking to many of our clients we have decided to pick a date where you can come down to the shop and show /high-light your product or service and we and other interested … Continue reading