Aquamira’s Frontier Pro Review

Disposable Water Filter

Disposable Water Filter

I got to spend the day with one of our clients this week. Aquamira. They showed me their various filters and how they work and why they use the types of filters they do. I had many questions, which they gladly answered. One of the things that stood out to me was the 50 gallon life of the Frontier Pro.

First, this unit is 2 oz. it is small and can be used in many ways. Like a straw, dip it into a stream or a cup with stream water. As a gravity flow device, from a dirty water source to a clean source, on a hydration bladder or onto a standard water bottle. Second, its capacity, depending on the dirtiness of the water 50 gallons is a lot of water. If you were to drink 8 cups a day (1/2 gallon) from this filter it would last for about a month.

Now for a disposable unit or for an emergency use that is a lot of clean water. Most of us would never come close to using this capacity in a year or even two. All of Aquamira filters clean for cysts and cripto as well as taste and oder. These are the biggest problems in our area.

I am glad that I have one of these in my edc bug out bag and a frontier in my smaller bags. When I am in the need for water filtration and water purification I trust Aquamira’s claims. I’ve read their published third party testing claims, something that I have not seen from other filtration companies.

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