Benefit Stacking

Benefit Stacking: adding secondary and tertiary benefits to move the listener from “almost convinced” to “entirely convinced”

Best Practices Slides-01

There are two ways to use benefit stacking. First throughout the copy you write and second, via sub-headlines places on pictures, in callouts &/or in bullet points.

On the front of the postcard below we use several of the following benefit stacking lines to reinforce this dental practice.

Some examples are:
Spring is a great time to start!
– Improve your confidence!
– Schedule your appointment today!
– Faster recovery times!
– Need a confidence boost? Schedule your summer cleaning now!

– Se Habla Espanol
– Use your tax return.

SeabreezeOrtho 0200353-2 R2 Optimized-01

Second Postcard Mailing


First Postcard Mailing

To best utilize this strategy look for subtle ways to reinforce your main point and drive home the value of your marketing piece.

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