Desire + Price = Value

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There are several strategies you can use to increase the value of your business in the eyes of your customers and potential customers. One is to develop tactics to implement the strategy: Desire + Price = Value

Whenever you can increase desire for your product or service you lower the objective presented by price and increase the value of your product or service. Following are 5 ways to increase desire which, in turn, are used to increase the value of your product or service and align it with the price you are asking for your product or service.

Tactics to Increase Desire

Trust, Proof, Education, Compassion and Convenience are all tactics you can develop to increase desire and help you build the value of your product or service and your business.

Trust: Let’s discuss a few of the many ways to build trust with your customer. Show your expertise. To highlight your expertise share verifiable facts about your expertise. Following are seven tactics to build trust.

For example, as a dentist, (1) the number of patients you’ve served, (2) the number of procedures you’ve performed, (3) the number of positive, 5-star reviews you’ve received, (4) the endorsements you’ve received from local and national associations, (5) the venues you’ve appeared at or on, (6) the articles you’ve written and (7) the additional trainings you’ve completed all help strengthen your credibility and further establish your expertise.

Showing these trust building accomplishments to your current and potential clients help set you apart from your competitors and established you are the authority or expert they are looking for.

Strategies In Use Example 1 – Allen Institute of Dentistry

Following direct response postcard used three of the above tactics to build trust: (1) The testimonial on the front. (2) The Drs. appearance on abc new’s give kids a smile segment on the back and (3) reinforced by the copy paragraph next to it which highlights ”her caring ways,” “soothing attention to worries,” her “skilled manner,” the allusion to her “continuing education,” “trusted and experienced” and her use of “state-of-the-art technology” all contribute to the trust she has build in her practice.

Allen Institude 27008-6 Optimized-01

Allen Institute 27008-6 Optimized-02

Proof: Proof is the second tactic you can use to increase the desire for your product or service. If you’ve been in practice any length of time you have several items of data that proves your expertise. (1) the number of procedures you’ve performed, (2) the total number of patient visits you’ve had and/or the number of second or more visits patients have received.

Tabulating these number and prominently displaying them are proof that you are the expert customers are looking for.

Strategies In Use Example 2 – Tooth Fairy Pediatric Dentistry

Following direct response postcard used (1) the number of procedures they’ve performed (2) listed two strong testimonials and (3) listed and discuss in body copy their additional training completed, being “Board-Certified” to strengthen and build trust with the prospective client.

Tooth Fairy Optimized-02

Education: The customer expects to be educated, so when you only put fluff and platitudes on your marketing piece you are giving your customer less than what they expect. There are many ways to educate a customer and lower their aversion to choosing your office over someone else’s.

One way is to describe what they should expect from a procedure on their first visit. Another way could be describing what your expertise does for the customer which makes coming to you easier, less stressful, quicker, whatever sets you apart.

Following example shows how this Dr’s special expertise has helped him make things easier for his customers.

Good - Expertise

Compassion: On the Tooth Fairy Pediatric Dentistry example postcard above you can see two ways we highlighted that the practice is compassionate. The first way is by using testimonials that reinforce their claims that they are compassionate. The second is how being, “Board-Certified” has prepared them to be “kid experts.”

Convenience: Convenience is the final tactic you can use to build desire for your practice. Some of the ways to show that your office is convenient is to give them content that they can use. Simply saying, “Convenient Hours to serve you.” is not showing that you are convenient. How could the potential customer know that your hours are convenient to them when you give non-information? They can’t!

You must be more specific. A better way to highlight your hours buy saying something like, “Extended Hours. Open M-F 8am – 7pm,” or “Early Hours, Mon – Wed 7-5, Th 7-2.” Being as specific as you can on all of your marketing pieces for maximum effectiveness is always a solid way to develop an effective marketing piece.

Good Callout - 16

A final way to highlight any of these tactics is to create an infographic or a callout that easily delivers the info you are trying to promote.


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