Double Readership Path

Best Practices Slides-08

Double Readership Path

There are two types of readers – analytical thinkers/readers and scanners. To get the most response from these readers, the strategy, double readership path must be employed. You need to tell your story in multiple ways. Say it in the headline, say it again in the subheadlines, say it again throughout the remainder of the card.  
Ways to enhance reading are: bold, italics, bullet points, changing colors, underline, all caps. Making everything big is not a strategy to increase reading and/or response. They eye needs a hierarchy to flow through a card. Some things need to be bigger and some things need to be smaller for optimal eye flow. When everything is big/bold it directly translates to nothing being big/bold thus the mind ignores it and it goes in the trash.


Sample 1:Smile Dental Optimized-02

Sample 2:
Tooth Fairy Optimized-02

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