The Anatomy of an Offer on a Direct Mail Piece

Optimized Offers.

 An offer accounts for as much as 20% of a card’s response rate. This means that time must be spent to identify what offer would work best for your client’s demographics.


Following explains the anatomy of an offer:

  1. Shape: Traditional shape has value. Other variations should be explored and tested for effectiveness.
  2. A Headline: “FREE” or a “$100 off” grabs attention. Consider a standard headline, like “look Your Best,” to build desire.
  3. Fine Print: “Call for details. Offers cannot be combined.” etc. should be as clear as possible and as large as permissible. suggest 7-8pt font at minimum.
  4. Expiration Date (to build urgency): Should be prominent enough to facilitate action and scarcity.
  5. The Value of the Offer: Showing the retail value of the offer highlights the real value to the customer.
  6. Amount Saved. Listing the amount saved reinforces the value created in the offer.

Internal Slides Best Practices-2-1aInternal Slides Best Practices-2-1b

“The right offer should be so attractive that only a lunatic would say ‘No.’ ”
          — Claude Hopkins

Internal Slides Best Practices-2-1cInternal Slides Best Practices-2-1dInternal Slides Best Practices-2-1e

“If you want to dramatically increase your results, dramatically improve your offer.”
— Axel Andersson

Internal Slides Best Practices-2-1f


Is your offer the strongest one you can create to get a new customer?

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