Reality Hooks


Reality hook (a verifiable detail inserted into a story in an attempt to boost credibility)

Proof seals the deal! Verifiable details drive it home. This strategy provides the convincing details that most other marketing fluff inserts.

The number of testimonials a practice has is powerful and in most cases verifiable via a quick internet search. Place a callout with the number of testimonials next to a solid testimonial and the difference between getting a sale or not can be made. If the total number of testimonials is not public and prominent on your internet presence it should be before you finish reading this, it is that powerful.

Along those lines, listing the number of patients served, the number of procedures performed or a photo with all of the high-school students the client has served tells the skeptic that it is indeed a fact. And facts are used by the reader to confirm their decision after they have made it. This type of proof seals the deal.

Search for ways to use reality hooks in all your marketing efforts if you want more business.


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