Make Your Smile Better Ads

make your smile better 5 make your smile better 3  make your smile better colored for make your smile better 6 for DentalMarketing.netmake your smile better 7make your smile better coupon ad

make your smile better banner ad 468x60

“Going to the dentist isn’t usually your highest priority. We know that… So we go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable, cared for and informed by using the latest technology in a modern and relaxing facility. Once you’ve experienced our comfortable environment, fast visit times, personalized communication and caring follow-through, you’ll understand why our customers love us. From the time you walk through the door until you leave amazed, we do our best to care for you and your dental health.”

If this is the experience you are trying to create, backing it up with several supporting ads can really enhance your other marketing pieces. Following is a direct mail postcard that was sent out to 5,000 households. The above are samples of supporting ads that could be used online and in social media to support the original ad and reach completely different segments of your market.

make your smile better coupon ad for Fossum Family Dentistry

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