Testimonial Credibility Factors – How to Make Your Testimonials Stronger

The value of a testimonial increases exponentially when you add credibility elements to a postcard. When it comes to placing a testimonial on a marketing piece there are 5 levels of credibility that can make all the difference in the success of your next marketing campaign.

Credibility elements:
• Full Name
• Profession
• Home Town
• Date of Testimonial
• Photo of Patient

The following graphic shows the different qualities of testimonials and the level of credibility they produce. (Download Testimonial Credibility Factors Worksheet here >>)


credibility elements calloutAsk your customers for testimonials at regular intervals and get permission and their photo then create/add their testimonials to your marketing collateral and make testimonial graphics for all of your social media channels.

Also, tally the number of testimonials you have and post a graphic of that too to increase your reputation!



Testimonial rotation used on clients website




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