Proof Builds Desire

Desire + Price = Value - Proof Builds Desire

Proof is indisputable. It is credibility. It is what builds desire. A general statement, on the other hand, is only perceived as advertising to the general public and is immediately dismissed. We must always give and show the proof of why your client you are promoting is superior to their competition. If they are perceived as being “just like all competitors,” you will never be able to grow their businesses.

“Impressive claims are made far more impressive by making them exact.” Claude Hopkins stated in Scientific Advertising.

Examples of proof are: What people are saying about you, exact number of testimonials received, exact number of patients seen, exact number of procedures performed, specific hours open (not “Convenient Hours to Serve You!”), awards received &/or recognition for achievement. See Unique Design Characteristics for specific examples.

We ignore the predictable but notice the anomaly. Gaps, disturbances and incongruities elevate our attention” — Roy H. Williams

Look for ways to increase desire, validate price and build value. This makes selling your products easier than trying to use fact alone.

Best Testimonial Example; Name, Profession, Town, Date, Picture


Here are seven ways to increase value on any marketing piece to explore. 

  1. Trust
  2. Proof
  3. Results
  4. Education
  5. Compassion
  6. Convenience
  7. Quality Offers

Seven ways to increase value

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