Proof Builds Desire – 2

Number of patient reviews received

Here are some additional thoughts to increase engagement and sales you must provide proof of what you are saying.

Examples of proof are:
1. What people are saying about you,
2. exact number of testimonials received,
3. exact number of patients seen,
4. exact number of procedures performed,
5. specific hours open (not “Convenient Hours to Serve You!”) if they are unique,
6. awards received &/or recognition for achievement.

See Unique Design Characteristics for more specific examples.

“We ignore the predictable but notice the anomaly. Gaps, disturbances and incongruities elevate our attention”                           — Roy H. Williams

Design plays a crucial role in the presentation of your proof content. Whether using a callout or laying out a testimonial utilizing the strategic components of the reticular activator can draw added attention and further engagement with your marketing piece.

For example, The value of a testimonial increases exponentially when you add credibility elements to your postcard, website and marketing materials. See following testimonial and its caption for the elements that boot its credibility.

An example of the creditability factors that boost the creditability of a testimonial ie: full name, profession, hometown, date of testimony a picture of the patient, 5-stars graphic from the review site, logo from testimonial site, the total number of testimonials received as illustrated in the above example.



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