A Phenomonon to be Aware of – The Reticular Activator

There is a phenomenon happening in your brain everyday. In fact, your brain is on the lookout 24 / 7 / 365 for the familiar, unusual and problematic.

When your brain detects the unfamiliar, unusual and problematic in context with what is on your mind, your mind takes action an alerts you. It says, “Hey, Hey, Hey, wake up! Did you see that?

Remember back to the last time you bought a car. Immediately after you decided that “that car” was for you it seems everyone in town has the exact same car. Many even have the same color too. Yet, before you decided on that car you hardly noticed a single one.

Reticular Activator Diagram

This is the reticular activator at work.

I often use this strategy on marketing pieces. One of the first time I used this strategy I placed it on my business card and my website and observed the responses…



A striking number of people would comment on the fact that the logo and website were crooked and asked why I used a business card that the printer messed up on. I then discussed this strategy and asked them if they think it worked? They always saw its strength which transitioned into how they would take advantage of it.

Here are several additional example of how I used the unexpected to get better results.



Best - Humor On Card Front









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