High-Resolution Photography Attract Less Price-Conscious Patients

Value of Quality Photography graph

For a course I taught on direct marketing best practices this graphic helped illustrate two different ways to address a client’s low-resolution photography submissions.

First, we discussed how low-resolution photography indicates cheapness. Low-quality and unloyal patients recognize this and look for discounted prices.

Then we discussed how the opposite is also true. High-resolution photography and dynamic visual impact can amplify the quality of the practice, the value of the brand and attract less price-conscious patients.

Ron S White DDS Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 3.36.44 PM

The above images were used as illustrations of these points. A conscious effort must be taken to optimize all marketing efforts, and as often is the case, without clearly preestablished guidelines, inferior quality imagery is received.

We put together a couple documents to help guide our clients in taking quality photography. Collectively this has helped us get better quality photography and better response rates from our marketing efforts too.

Guide 1  | Guide 2





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