The Most Valuable Businessmen…

Do you have that unique ability to ask the questions no one else is asking? If so, this quote may prove you to be that businessperson with the most valuable of skills.

The usual questions consist of questions like,
• Do you know how to use illustrator, photoshop, InDesign?
• Do you have a reliable vehicle to get to work in?
• Are you willing to relocate closer to our office?
(blah, blah, blah) what in these types of questions ascertains that the employee has the skills to accomplish anything?

What makes the smart businessperson unique is that there are so few of them. Someone who can ask hard questions and perceive the nuances in the answer must understand people and psychology. Vital skills in our fast-paced future.


The unusual questions like, Share an example that illustrates you have:
• The ability to think independently,
• The ability to take initiative and work independently,
• The ability to see connections among disciplines, ideas, and/or cultures,
• The ability to ask hard questions which challenge prevailing assumptions,
• The ability to establish, maintain and improve lasting relationships.
Questions that consist of valuable 21st-century skills needed to get things done. Not skills of the conveyor belt, follow these instructions and do what you are told are needed.

I’ve asked every employer about their company culture trying to determine if they understand what motivates people. I’ve found most don’t. Dan Pink, in Drive, ascertains it as Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose, which I’ve found to be true motivators. The study by Instructure, Strong Culture, Strong Leaders, shows the disparity between what employers give and what employees want. See chart below.

Culture of Learning - Got One

Over my career, I’ve seen several recurrences that make me believe that the statement in the above graphic is true. I’ve also seen many dozens of employees stay with a company for convenience only, unhappily and many leave because of disrespect for those who work for the boss.

Not feeling valued is akin to the statement “Comparison kills joy.” Steven Covey said,

“90% of the people in an organization 
have more creative ability, talent, 
resourcefulness and intelligence than 
their present jobs require or allow.”

I’ve heard many employers express the sentiment that they feel a companies culture is important. I’ve yet to see it embraced publically aligned with what employees want. The attached article’s research makes it clear, the employees want one thing and the employers give them another. Professionals give it lip service daily yet why is it that companies rarely value this sage advice from the employees perspective? I for one am looking for the real deal because I have 90% more creative ability, talent, resourcefulness, and intelligence than any organization I have worked for required or allowed.

I want to give more. Do you want such employees?




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