Accomplishing Tasks for Creatives

I’ve noticed that in all of the meeting I’ve attended much of the business addressed fall into either past performance or updates based on past performance. Not enough time is spent on strategic planning for future goals. Why is this the case? The only rationale I can come up with is that we focus more on “the management of” the process and not enough on the creative “what it could be,” the ideal and how we can achieve it because the former is measurable and the latter isn’t.

For a creative this is nonsensical. Always looking to solve a problem we are dreamers, idealistic, futurist and having to constantly dredge through the mire, spend most of our meeting time in the past, we are unengaged at best. I’ve discovered that I enjoy accomplishing and checking off tasks much more than reviewing and reviewing measurable processes.

To my surprise, this makes me much more of a goal setter that I previously supposed. Albeit a short-term goal setter in most cases but a goal setter at heart. I like to accomplish. I really like to accomplish great feats, the bold, that which takes guts to conceive and achieve! Following screenshot is from my Google Keep task list, things I will accomplish.

Google Keep List

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