Elements to Strengthen a Direct Response Offer



Including an offer on your postcard accounts for as much as 20% of the postcards success. This being the case the content to be added to the offer must be considered carefully. We’ve observed that a high percentage (what %) of slow-start mailings, where the phone calls aren’t coming in as soon as expected include one of two offers.

  1. A generic free consultation that provides no value as it is generic or
  2. A large ticket offer that scares most callers off because of unknown value.

Most of the fault of these two types of offers is the lack of quality content on the offer. After evaluating and testing best practices on these offers we’ve learned how to optimize an offer to make it perform better. The three tactics to improve an offer are:

  1. Include details of the consultation like how many items are covered in the consultation. In the comparison example below we first included a “16 Point Treatment Consultation” to let the reader know that there is a solid plan covered in the consultation thus creating some value.
  2. Come up with a headline that inspires the desire to learn more. The headline we added first stands out against the rest of the offers content then makes a play to get educated on “their health” thus building desire.  
  3. Include the cash value of the offer. Finally, in this example, as we knew the value of the consultation we included its value to drive home the fact that this offer has real value that the reader can benefit from.

Compare the before and after offers and see if you agree more information is better than less when selling one’s products.Best Offer - 12 Before After

NOTE: Offtimes there is an issue in getting enough information from a client beforehand to create an optimized offer. So, each marketer must be proactive and dig for the content to build an optimized offer before they submit a design for approval.

Following are additional offers that have been optimized according to these standards.

Best Offer - 1a Headline.png

Best Offer - 9 Design Photo-Headline.png

Offers - Optimized

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