Minimum Content Needed for a Quality Offer

Best Offer - Headline Education

Minimum Content Needed for a Quality Offer

  1. Headline example 1 | example 2 | example 3 | example 4 | headline bank example
  2. A good offer deal example 1
  3. Compelling content to convince to call now example 1
  4. The value of the service an/or the amount saved by using this offer example 1
  5. Minimal fine print. You don’t want them thinking you are hiding anything example 1
  6. An expiration date. Mandatory to create urgency example 1
  7. Consider a callout or photo to draw further attention to an offer example 1 | example 2


Gathering Information for Better Offers

To create the best offer for our clients, there are several things we need to know. Ask engaging questions that draw-out relevant marketing content.

Ask 1. What types of patients are you trying to attract? We want to determine the characteristics of a typical patient so we can then address the “hot buttons” (p.13) that motivate the patient to take action now. Are they families with kids under 10 years old/over 18 years old? Are they active people? Are they new home-owners or renters?

Ask 2. What percentage of your customer base is under 18/between 18-45/45 and older? What percentage are afraid of the dentist? What percentage use insurance? What percentage is missing 1 tooth/2+ teeth? What percentage rent vs. own a home?

This type of questioning helps us build the most relevant offer and address the needs of the person reading the postcard.

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