Visual Interest

What mental images does the word “home” create in your mind? What pleasant past memories can you elicit when writing copy text that includes “home” in it for the postcards you create? Is it an ad that you are creating or an extension of the life of your customer?


“Do your [postcards] touch the familiar in the lives of your customers? Do people relate to the things you say? Or are you merely answering questions of “who, what, when and where,” while failing to answer the pivotal question, “Why?” (remember wiifm)

Most [postcard] are written under the assumption that the customer is asking, “Who are you? What is your product? When are you open and where are you located?” Unfortunately, the customer’s only real question is, “Why should I care?”

Your customer is saying, “Tell me a story that has me in it. Don’t tell me a story about you. What’s in it for me? Can you save me time, make me money, reduce stress in my life or cause people to think more highly of me? If not, then leave me alone. You’re wasting my time.”

Most [postcards] are about the product or about the company that makes it. Such [postcards] yield disappointing results. The best [postcards] are about the customer and how the product will change her life.

What are your ads [postcards] about?”*


* Quote from Roy H. Williams

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