Comparison of Callout Copy


The copy on the callout on the right contains “We” copy and I discount it’s value immediately because it is not focused on the needs of “Sarah” (the ideal customer) who is evaluating the advertisement for value to her and her family and doesn’t care about the business at all, at this point. The copy on the callout on the right was the alternative purposed. The director was worried about the first line being read as “No CRAP” and wanted it changed. I explained that if they read it as “No CRAP” they would immediately question what they read and reread it until they understood and if they did, in fact, reread it several times our objective was accomplished as they were engaged much longer than the 3 second the average reader spends with a piece on the onset. This being the case, it would be much more effective than going with the “We” copy text version.

Whenever possible go with an unconventional option over what everyone else would do. You’ll sell more!


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