High-threshold Offer and Low-threshold Offers

Offer High-threshold Offer

High-threshold Offers

A high-threshold offer assumes the reader is willing to take a chance or has an urgent need and thus is willing to take action now with the amount of information given on the postcard. A high-threshold offer relies only on the content provided to make each sale. By a slight margin, most people do not fall into this category.

Offer Low-threshold Offers

Low-threshold Offers

A low-threshold offer assumes the reader isn’t completely convinced by what information is presented on the card. They want more. They will sometimes call and ask questions but that falls in a high-threshold domain. There are, however, strategies that we can use bring the low-threshold reader closer to the sale.

An example would be, if you have an in-house savings plan that is outlined and professionally produced you can offer it either as a download or a call for a free copy. Once you’ve got them to respond you can continue to send them, either, further education materials on relevant dental needs &/or provide them with relevant offers to bring them closer to a sale. The goal here is to build a relationship over time so they are comfortable with your expertise and your practice and trust you enough to make a purchase from you. By a slight margin, most people fall into this category.


See examples of each of High-threshold Offers and Low-threshold Offers of offers.

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