Article Graphics


For a series of financial articles I wrote I created several graphic memes to drive home the point of each article. In all, I created 30+ graphics.

I also created a quiz for each article as well as several provocative phrases. One of the most interesting things I learned on this project was that there were few discussions online covering several of these topics and many on only one (Financial IQ) based on Robert Kiyosaki’s writings.

Seeing an opportunity to ask questions and seek an audience I posted far and wide. But, for me, the exercise of reading, writing, thinking, talking, design, writing and thinking some more was the most enjoyable part of the project.

I’ve found the formula for learning that works for me. I research a topic. I write my thoughts and impressions. I think about my initial conclusions, then I discuss what I’ve learned with a few others. After that, I write and think a little more on the topic and make a few designs based on my findings. The end result then becomes an article, several graphic memes, in this case, five quizzes and the challenge of sharing what I’ve developed with others.


If you are interested in reading the articles I’ve written on five money IQs this link will take you to the outline and then onto the articles themselves.

FICO IQ – FICO: IQ – Article 1 | Article 2
Wealth IQ – W: IQ – Article
Financial IQ – F: IQ – Article
Asset IQ – A: IQ – Article
Retirement IQ – R: IQ – Article – Resource Link 1

What is your wealth IQ? Take this 5 question quiz to find out what your score is.


For additional articles on finance and other topics of interest read The Internet Dark Ages blog.

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