What I Learned from the Financially Literate!



I recently wrote two articles on both sides of financial literacy. One was, the 14 signs that you are financially literate and the other the 12 signs that you are financially illiterate. I compared and contrasted the habits of each side, the financially illiterate vs. the financially literate. See chart below.

Signs of Financial Litericy or Not Aside from these two lists, I’ve made several others while writing and designing graphics. Some are the habits of the wealthy vs. the habits of the poor. The habits of the successful vs. the habits of the unsuccessful. The habits of the free vs. the habits of the slave.

In all these lists have helped me identify where I stood in relationship to these habits. Most have forced me to consider and then reconsider my actions. The result has provided me a platform to discuss how we can better accomplish things in our lives.

From my experience, there is a great need for leadership. A dearth of character and direction. A longing for meaning. But in our wanderings, we stammer for lack of direction.

I recently read the one minute manager and decided that it is a yearly must read. With the clarity of purpose and a clear direction through leadership that it provides, I can’t see any reason why everyone shouldn’t be aware of its important message.

In a nutshell. One Minute Goal Setting, One Minute Praisings, One Minute Reprimands.  Read an outline here. A few other things that have helped me along my journey have been a set of 5 quizzes I put together. 1. What is your wealth IQ? 2. What is your financial IQ? 3. What is your FICO IQ? 4. What is your asset IQ? and What is your Retirement IQ?



For additional articles on finance and other topics read The Internet Dark Ages blog.

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