Everything I Know About Money I Learned From Advertising!


“Everything I know about money I learned from advertising!
Car, bank, & credit card companies. Interest-free, air miles, & points deals.

I’m bad with money, aren’t I?”

This was me, but no more!

Now I spend less than I make. We build our savings each month. I joined the family budget where I didn’t before. We are now able to focus on the most important things, our family, and our personal savings and development. No more money worries, only money inconveniences.

I now have the discipline to save for the things we want. I’ve learned to take control of my life not living on my emotional reactions to perceived emergencies. We work better together than we ever have in the past.

The biggest game-changer has been comparing my bad habits to the habits of the successful and then work to change my bad habits to good ones, one at a time.


For additional articles on finance and other topics read The Internet Dark Ages blog. Here is a sister article on the same topic, Everything I know about money I learned from banks.

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