How I Increased Response Rate 53.8%!


53.8%-IncreaseI taught the designers that there were 7 factors that will improve a card’s performance. At first, there was much skepticism as to the validity of my “theory.” It was against conventional wisdom. It was against the status quo. It was different.

After years of independence, I developed the ability to see connections among disciplines, ideas, and cultures. I’ve used this ability to ask hard questions which challenge prevailing assumptions and over time won enough influence to test my ideas in select areas.

The marginal increase of our 2015 increases (3.2% increase in calls and  80 point increase in ROI) won the respect of the designers I worked with and the designers implemented their version of what I taught. I developed and taught 8 courses on these best practices in 2016. With mixed acceptance, more and more of the strategies were adopted and the average calls per card have continued to increase (up to 18.6 phone calls per card).

My antidotal evaluation estimates adoption of around 80% company-wide. With major company changes, changes in management, a pending sale, fluctuating sales to hold this increase through 2017 is a pretty convincing statistics, to say the least, (2017 average of 18.2 calls per card), not to mention an increase of ROI by 100%!

Following graphic is an example showing the 7 factors in use.


The 7 factors that improve a card’s performance are:
1. Headline
2. Offers
3. Testimonials
4. Copywriting
5. Callouts
6. Features & Benefits
7. Imagery

I am excited to further implement the best practices across all clients mailings and expect a continued increase in average calls and ROI. Stay tuned for 2018’s results. They are trending well as of now.




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