The Ability to See What Others Can’t.


Dyslexia is commonly considered a learning disability by the education system, mostly because alternatives aren’t compatible with the bureaucracy. Malcolm Gladwell’s, David and Goliath, shows the advantage dyslexics bring to the teams they are on. Being dyslexic provides perspective only available to the eternally observant, something most non-dyslexics lack.

As a dyslexic, one of my greatest strengths is the ability to see things that others cannot or to ask questions others don’t. It has lead to an uncommonly acute ability to connect seemingly unrelated sources and put them together for greater insights and profits. It comes from years of observing people, what they do, and asking why they do it that way.
Seeing What Others Don’t

  1. My most successful observation came from wanting to make purchases online.  They have a picture or two, four bullet points, and a buy now button. How is this enough information to make an educated buying decision?

First off, the internet is an information gathering tool. When people only put a limited amount of information they are not providing their viewers with enough information. Secondly, without enough information, they increase buying risk. This increases the chance that potential customers will continue to look for more information before they buy and this is bad business. Finally, it is easy to add enough information to satisfy the buyers need to know and close the sale.

If a potential customer spends thirty to forty minutes gaining confidence in you they don’t easily leave your site just to shop. If you have posted enough photos to satisfy their understanding of the product and sufficient descriptions of the product and supplemented those with self-explanatory videos, return information and a fair price you will sell more than ever before.

Most people still don’t get it! Go shopping online and compare what businesses offer as compared to this list. Using the following content strategies I have been able to increase sales by millions of dollars.


  1. One of my most successful observations came in the year 2000. I was adding URLs to all of the promotional materials we made. Long website addresses in all lowercase are difficult to read. So I started making the first letter capital to increase readability. Though still not universal many now capitalize the first letter of long URLs which is good for the consumer.
  2. A recent innovation came from meeting monotony. The meetings weren’t very productive or engaging. Just a rundown of new procedures and addressing errors made that week. For a design team, what could be worse? So I brainstormed on how to make them more successful.

I came up with several suggestions. One – 10 different ways to change how we reviewed the weekly gang print sheet (see below). This innovation brought new enthusiasm to this portion of our meeting. Two – Move the meeting to the first of the week to make it proactive rather than reactive. Three – Professional development. Discuss and share goals and achievements.

  1. Gang sheet review. Do one of these exercises each week.
    1. Deep dive on one postcard from the gang. Review dashboard & performance
    2. Levels of engagement review
    3. 7 factors review
    4. Card performance vs client satisfaction worksheet
    5. Offers review
    6. Call to action review
    7. Headline review
    8. Features and benefits review
    9. Copywriting review
    10. Imagery review
Reviewed Print Gang

For all my strengths and weaknesses the ability to see what others can’t is what I consider my superpower. Finding missed opportunities is one of my strengths.

Read Malcolm Gladwell’s David and Goliath to see the advantage the disadvantaged truly are.

Especially in missed opportunities.

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