Subtle Change Improves Response Rate 275%

At the end of each mailing cycle, I do a review of the campaign’s performance and provide design note and strategies to the sales team to use in their end-of-cycle client review and renewal calls.

My suggestions for this campaign that were incorporated were,
1. Add a headline
2. Increase the size of the offers (remove the invisalign offer as it is on the main focus on the other side of the postcard)
3. Reduce the footprint of the family photo


Though these changes appear to be subtle, they are based on sound direct marketing strategies that proved, once again to bring in drastic results. 22 callers vs. 8 callers and an ROI of 544%.

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 10.40.21 AM

Though it will remain to be seen if this carries through subsequence mailings it is a marked improvement from only a few changes. The next hurdle to overcome is convincing a higher percentage of clients that it pays to test the suggested strategies from seasoned professionals. You gotta have a dream.


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