Marketing Tools

Marketing is a sensitive topic…

Most people don’t believe what you have to say! First, because they think you are trying to sell them, which you are. Second, because you are answering questions they aren’t asking. And third, because they rely on their peers for answers and reviews. They want to make better buying decisions and don’t think you are the one to trust.

How are you lowering their buying risk?

Forget everything you have ever been taught about marketing. The new first rule of marketing is this – How can I lower the risk my customers feel when deciding whether or not to buy from me?

I’ve learned how to sell more products and strengthen your relationships with your customers with relevant content. As a result, they buy more products more often for more money and do it happily too!

I built content which builds creditability. By better understanding the societal changes that are ever evolving around your marketing plans I strategize, develop and deliver compelling content that moves people.

Following pages are examples I’ve found that to be effective in reaching people and addressing their needs.

Articles | Direct Marketing | Social Media | Online Advertising
Customer Service | Employee Training

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