Special Reports – I have spent many years evaluating business best practices. Following is a list of some of my finding.

1. Little Mistakes that Cost You $50,000 a Year
2. Top 10 Ways To Satisfy Your Customers
3. The Circle of Marketing
4. Hiring Is Marketing. Questions to ask in interviews to get better candidates
5. How to Get Your Customers to Pay More & Do it Happily! 30 strategies to implement today
6. Get Your Employees to Work Harder & Love Doing it! 101 strategies to try now
7. How to Get Your Customers to Pay More with Direct Marketing 25 strategies to get you started


With more than 135+ articles. Ranging from press releases, reviews, customer reputation articles, creditability building resources, and expertise establishment. I know how to make impressions. With more than 8,224,411 article view it shows that there is a desire for quality content. Below is a partial list of articles written. Also, see blog posts on the home page.

64. I’m FICO FREE!
64. You Have to Learn to Master Your Money
63. The 5 Things They Don’t Tell You About Your FICO Credit Score
62. Profits That Lie Hidden In Your Paycheck!
61. The Number One Mistake People Make with Their Money…Do You Make It Too?
60. Everything I Know About Money I Learned From Advertising
59. The 14 Signs You Are Financially Literate
58. The 12 Signs You Are Financially Illiterate
57. Got Good Financial Habits?
56.  What is Your Asset IQ? 5 Questions That Reveal if You are Asset Rich or Asset Poor.
55. What is Your Retirement IQ? 5 Simple Questions That Could Make You a Millionaire or Not!
54. What is Your Financial IQ? 5 Questions That Could Determine if You’ll Ever be Wealthy or Not!
53. What is Your Wealth IQ? 5 Revealing Questions That Will Make You Rich!
52. What Does Your FICO Score Really Mean?
51. What is Your FICO IQ? 5 Revealing Questions That Could Make You Wealthy
50. Do You Know Anything About the Millionaires Next Door Dave Ramsey Does
49.What Your FICO Score Really Says About You?
48. How does one become wealthy?
47. Profits Are Better Than Wages
46. How to Sell More Stuff!
45. Sell More With Quick Information Bursts
44. How to get more customers to buy from you!
43. The Circle Of Marketing— Customer Experience Management
42. The Circle Of Marketing—Employee Training
41. The Circle Of Marketing— Advertising & Direct Marketing
40. The Circle Of Marketing— Developing Internal Marketing Strategies (IMS)
39. The Circle Of Marketing—Hiring
38. The Circle Of Marketing—Its What You Do That Defines You!
37. The Circle Of Marketing— Relationship Building
36. How to Sell More This Holiday Season!
35. How to Sell in Retail
34. How Well Do You Really Know Your Customers?
33. Why You Should Give Your Customers What They Want!
32. Who Are Your Customers?
31. Who’s Fault is it When Your Customers Use the Word ‘Good’ When Referring to Your Service?
30. Profits That Lie Hidden in Your Business… How To Significantly Increase Your Direct Marketing Response Rates
29. How-to Add Thousands of Dollars to Your Business!
28. Ideas Are The Currency Of The 21st Century
27. Strategy: It’s As Easy As 1, 2, 3…
26. Strategy: Your Helpfulness
25. How to Get Your Employees to Work Harder!
24. Knowledge Influences Emotions
23. Beware: Are Your Marketing Materials Losing Sales?
22. Strategies to Get More Customers to Buy from you!
21. Grow Your Business: Marketing Strategies You Can Use
20. Strategy: Use Great Descriptive Words
19. How-to Sell to More People!
18. How-to Sell More Often!
17. How-to Sell for Higher Profits
16. Use Great Descriptive Words & You’ll Sell More
15. Be Your Own Customer
14. You Don’t Want to Get on This List
13.  Testimonials Rule—Get Them and Use Them
12.  Image is Everything
11. Your Brand is Talking, What is it Saying?
10. Benchmarked: What the Best Of the Best Do to Keep Customers Coming
9. A Helpful Hand: The Benefit of Cross-Selling & Up-Selling
8. The Good Listener: 8 Ways to Become One
7. You have a Goldmine at Your Fingertips!
6. What business are you in?
5. Unique Selling Position – USP: A Simple Way To Break Through The Clutter
4. Improve Your Business By 100%
3. Knowledge Influences Emotions. Emotions Influence Buying Decisions!
2. Give Your Customers What They Want
1. What is Your Most Valuable Asset?

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