Direct Marketing

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Though direct marketing is selling when you are not present there are many tactics, strategies, and back-end processes that support the front-end presentation to make it successful.

Understanding what I call the “circle of marketing” is. Understanding that hiring is marketing. Understanding the Direct Marketing Formula  – IEEO=Results and how to incorporate the dozens of strategies that build desire. Understanding people, their motivations, desires and the psychology of human behavior are some of the many factors that make marketing successful. 

I have spent many years evaluating business best practices. Following is a list of some of my findings.

Special Reports
1. Little Mistakes that Cost You $50,000 a Year. Download >>
2. Top 10 Ways To Satisfy Your Customers. Download >>
3. The Circle of Marketing. Download >>
4. Hiring Is Marketing. Questions to ask in interviews. Download >>
5. How-to Get Your Customers to Pay More & Do it Happily! Download >>
6. Get Your Employees to Work Harder & Love Doing it! Download >>
7. How-to Get Your Customers to Pay More with DM v1 & v2. Download >>


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