Employee Training


In our ever-increasing, fast-paced world the pressure is on the employer to find, keep, and support employees who are self-educated minded. Harvard Law School, Princeton University, and George Wythe University laid out 30 skills of the 21st century which have become the standard for self-education and business acumen.

Education is one of my favorite subjects. This being the case, I’ve worked in corporate training, public-training, private teaching and tutoring here and abroad. I’ve taught teachers how to teach, I’ve written dozens of courses, I’ve trained thousands of students, written numerous article on and about education in our times.

I have a clear understanding of our conveyor-belt education (public schools). They teach what to think. Undergraduate degrees and professional degree programs teach when to think. But not until one pursues a leadership education do they learn how to think. Few places teach leadership yet, how to think is one of the most vital skills businesses need. I can incorporate the 7 Lessons of Depth Phase to help develop employee’s skills in “how to think.”

The 7 lessons of depth phase: 1. Initiative 2. Ingenuity 3. Allegiance 4. Integrity 5. Commitment 6. Passion 7. Impact


Employees want Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose. Are they getting it?

Culture of Learning - Got One

What employees want versus what is offered by employers.

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