Social Media



Cooperation Beats Competition
I believe that businesses can be simplified. I believe that working together to make our businesses stronger makes sense. I believe that networking with clients strengthens the community. I believe that a stronger community will create more business for everyone. I believe that everyone’s business will grow by working together on social media.

Content Rules The Web
Content makes you relevant. I’ve been building online content since 2000 when I put all of the product photography online and saved 20+ hour of weekly work by automating the download process at Camp Chef the first company I worked for.

• For I created 6 checklists for preparing for a cookout
• I created the Testimonial Credibility Factors to help clients know how to communicate more clearly with their customer through the use of testimonials
• I created an education piece for realtors to get more qualified clients
• I created this marketing questionnaire for employers to evaluate their marketing knowledge
• For LaNay Ferm, a CSA farm in Provo, Ut I created several customer engagement documents
• I created how to care for your banner for clients to help their banners last longer
• For Global Accessories, I created several documents to educate the customers and build relationships of trust. How to Organize Your Garage, 23 Reasons Why a Downey Tonneau is a Better Tonneau, How to Protect Your Car,
• For a class, I created the Good Listener worksheet
• For Aquamira I created the Basics of Emergency Home Water Storage
• For I created dozens of social media ads (see several below), animated gifs, how-tos, & worksheets. Some examples: Testimonial Credibility worksheet, So you want to change your postcard document, Anatomy of an offer, Anatomy of a successful postcard, and many more




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