Direct Mail Postcard Best Practices document
7 factors that will improve a postcard’s performance document
3 Levels of Engagement document – how to win in each of these levels
Hierarchy of Recognition article
• The Circle of Marketing article
Hiring is Marketing article
Platitude course script
Callouts, offers & calls-to-action course script
Benefits over features course script
Copywriting course script
Professional Development resource
Identity Development Plan document
Top 10 ways to satisfy your customer’s document
13 elements of a strong workplace document
• 50 reasons people buy – a special report on how to increase your sales
Testimonial Credibility Chart Element of a stronger testimonial
So You Want to Change Your Postcard document
Best Practice Strategies resource
Customer Service checklist – Things to consider when evaluating your customer service best practices
What’s In It For Me? (WIIFM?) document
Desire + Price = Value article
Platitude Test article
• See my blog: The Internet Dark Ages Where I muse on my interests: education, communication, freedom, and self-improvement, mostly

Other Resources
Renaissance of kings article by Andrew Groft
• The Four Lost American Ideals by Oliver DeMille

Top 30 skills needed for the 21st century
6 Habits of the 21 Century by Seth Godin
• A Reading List – The quickest way to get the education you didn’t get in public school
Five lessons a millionaire taught me by Richard Paul Evans (outline of the book)
• Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps Spending less than you make makes you the master of yourself
• – Resource to learn about any literary title
Leaders vs Managers – How one type builds and the other tears down (additional resource)
Imprimis newsletter – Hillsdale speaks freely since 1844


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