• See my blog: The Internet Dark Ages Where I muse on my interests: education, communication, freedom and self-improvement, mostly
• Direct marketing postcard best practices document
• 7 factors that will improve a postcard’s performance document
• Dental headline bank
Hierarchy of Recognition article
• The circle of marketing article
Hiring is marketing article
Top 30 skills needed for the 21st century
Platitude course script
Callouts, offers & calls-to-action course script
Benefits over features course script
Copywriting course script
Professional development resource
Identity development plan document
Top 10 ways to satisfy your customers document
13 elements of a strong workplace document
• 50 reasons people buy – a special report on how to increase your sales
Testimonial Credibility Chart

Other resources

Renaissance of kings article by Andrew Groft
• The Four Lost American Ideals by Oliver DeMille

• A Reading List – The quickest way to get the education you didn’t get in school
Five lessons a millionaire taught me by Richard Paul Evans
• Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps



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